Unfortunately the Covid situation has made it difficult to run our event this year. We’l be back next year, all going well.

School Shoot 18th October 2021

This will be Minyip Field and Game’s twenty first  annual shoot. It remains the premier

school shooting event in Western Victoria, now hosting around 400 participants annually.

Students in Year 7 to 12, or those who are over the age of 12 are eligible to shoot. To ensure a fair competition,  the students are organised into member and non-member, junior and senior categories.  We consider ‘members’ to be students who regularly participate in shotgun target shooting competition. This could be either Field and Game, ACTA or Federation. A ‘junior’ is a student who is under 15 on the day.

Nominations for 2021 are  $20.00 per shooter for the 24-target course.

When and where is the shoot?

The Shoot is to be conducted on Monday, 18th October, at the Minyip Field and Game Range. Minyip Field and Game is located on the Minyip – Coromby Road, 3 Kilometres south-west of Minyip. The shoot commences at 9.00 AM sharp.

Please let us know if you have a start time preference, and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

What do I need to bring?

Students are required to bring their own safe and fully operable firearm, or arrange to share one as part of their squad. We have a guide here to help you determine if your student’s firearms meet our safety standards.

Shared guns in a squad are fine. You can indicate your squad preferences on the nominations form to help facilitate this.

It is a condition of entry that all firearms are stored in the armoury during the shoot. Ammunition is provided; no student is to bring their own ammunition to the event.

Students are not required to hold a junior shooters license to attend; all students who wish to experience the sport are welcome.

Ear protection is provided, but participants must provide their own eye protection.


The canteen will have bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast, as well as a barbeque lunch at very reasonable prices. Soft drinks as well as tea and coffee are also available.

Registration and Payment

Registration is required PRIOR to the end of Monday, 11th October, unless by prior arrangement. This year the cost is anticipated to be $20.00 per student.

Students can withdraw their nomination up to the day of the shoot but extra nominations will only be accepted if there are genuinely sound reasons for the late entry.

Please note that nominations will not be refunded unless there is a genuine reason; so please get your numbers correct prior to the event.

A date of birth (not age in years) must be supplied on the enclosed nomination form, otherwise the shooter will be put in seniors. “Membership” means any one who has been or still is a member of VFGA, ACTA, VSCA (Federation) or SSAA where students have been involved in competition clay bird shoots. Providing false details of association memberships will result in forfeit of trophies and banning from subsequent shoots. This is to ensure that we have a fair competition for all participants.

Payment Options

Please advise of your payment method on the registration form.

Payment can be made via cheque sent to James Craig, 13 Ivy Street, Horsham, VIC 3400. Please make these out to Minyip Field and Game Association (ABN 63 176 615 046).

Payment can be made on the day by prior negotiation.

Payments can be made via direct deposit.
Minyip Field and Game
BSB 633-000   AC  108 239 492

Supervision and Safety

When shooting students are organised into squads of six. Each squad of six is supervised by a licensed shooter, who is able to guide and instruct students. When at a shooting stand, a teacher or other helper is in position to dispense shells. In this sense, students have a supervision ratio of 1:3 when shooting, and 1:6 travelling between stands.

To aid in the smooth running of the shoot, it would be greatly appreciated if schools could ensure that a teacher was available when required to assist with supervision at the different stands. No license is required.

During the shoot, all firearms are to be lodged in the central armoury. It is a condition of entry that all firearms are to be stored on arrival in the armoury for the duration of the shoot. All due care is taken by experienced shooters with the firearms in the armoury, but no responsibility will be accepted for any damage.

A risk assessment for the shoot is included for any schools who require it for planning purposes.

2021 Minyip Risk Assessment

Contact Details
James Craig
0400 172 464

Minyip School Shoot Nomination Form 2021

Please complete the attached nomination form for each of your students. If you wish to make any changes once submitted, please contact me via email.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you are aware of your responsibilities under the Firearms Act to ensure that firearms are transported and stored legally.

School Shoot Nomination 2021