The Firearms Act and Juniors

Please don’t break the Firearms Act.

As we all know, shooting is a highly regulated sport. Consequently, supervising adults and teachers must take care to observe the Firearms Act. This is particularly relevant to the transport and storage of firearms by Junior License holders.

Juniors must be supervised while handling or transporting a firearm. This is a requirement under the Firearms Act. The supervising adult must hold a firearms license. That person will be in breach of the Act if the students in their care are in possession of a firearm unsupervised.

This can create issues in two places on your excursion.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that any firearms are transported to your school by firearms license holders. Once the firearms are at your school, firearms will need to be stored under supervision of a firearms license holder.  For example, once guns have arrived at your departure point, stow them on your bus and keep a licensed staff member or parent on there until you depart.

Secondly, once at the shoot, guns need to be stored in our armoury. If your students are not supervised while taking guns to the armory when you arrive, you are in breach of the Firearms Act. The same applies when signing guns out from the armoury. For example, as your students collect guns from the Armoury to go home, they must be accompanied by their supervising teacher / adult to their bus.

Minyip Field and Game cannot take any responsibility for firearms that are not stored in our Armory. We regard any consequences of breaching the Firearms Act as being the responsibility of the supervising staff and parents.